Thursday, 8 October 2009

Zoe Bentley

I m a 30 year old science student who has had an interest in the paranormal since the tender age of 7 when I first learnt of UFOs. I also became interested in astronomy and so over the years along with some research, the odd unexplained experience and being able to think outside the box now is the time to embark on my journey of maybe getting some answers to the questions I have had since a child. I know this journey will bring me ridicule from those who refuse to have an open mind. In reply to this all I can say is once upon a time the world was flat and the sun travelled around the Earth. I am also interested in wicca/pagan traditions, music, DIY and shopping!

Ian Bentley

I am 36 years old and like Zoe have been interested in ufos from an early age. Ive also long had interests in technology, physics, computing, that sort of thing and am very interested in the technology involved in this phenomenon. I like to balance my views and always look at multiple possible angles. My day job is in IT/data analysis but I have sidelines as Reiki practitioner and musician. I am open minded. I have seen ufos and am on a quest for knowledge, experience and hopefully more answers than questions.